Only one person – from the the North or South – highlights the genius and lasting controversy of the War Between the States

Shelby Foote (“The Civil War”) states in this important documentary that the Civil War determined what kind of country America would become. And no personality from that bloody conflict extolls the greatness and controversy of that armed conflict more than Nathan Bedford Forrest (1821–1877).

Directed by Jon Rawl, the one-hour documentary “Rebel Forrest” features Foote and a bevy of experts on the War Between the States, as well as reenactor Stan Dalton’s portrayal of Forrest’s war and post-war years.

Extraordinary PERFORMANCEs

Hundreds of reenactors help illustrate this noteworthy personality from American history.

Stan Dalton stars in the lead role of “Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.”  Scenes were shot near Shiloh National Battlefield, Corinth, Miss., Oxford, Miss., Lebanon, Tenn., Selma, Ala., and Kissimmee, Fla.

Film Festivals

Upon its release the “Rebel Forrest” documentary has been showcased at film festivals across the South, including:

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